Monday, August 26, 2013

So Many Things But Just Not Enough TIME

Man I totally have the best of intentions truly with everything I do in life however, somehow I just can't always translate those intentions into works.  Anyone with me?  I want so desperately to be keeping up this blog and I have some awesome blogs that I love to check in on that help perk that desire.  But one of the motivations for this is to have some type of journaling for me, my family, my friends etc...  I'm so irregular that I don't really think it is benefiting anyone!  And I want to scrapbook partly because I have so darn much stuff that I should use up rather just sit collecting dust, but really I totally enjoy scrap booking whether it is on paper or digital.  Again I just never get it done.  And then there is my own personal journal.  Sometimes there are truly thoughts, feelings, emotions, events etc. that are just a little too personal to share out loud.  And so what do you think gets attention?  Truly none of it.  I think I overwhelm myself, and then I get discouraged because there is so much that I want to do. So I just end up with a bag of peanut butter M&Ms and a Dr. Pepper sitting with my Ipad Pinning all these cool ideas on Pinterest.  Please tell me I'm not alone on this?  Well tonight I have a few minutes before I have to get to bed so I can function to drive to SLC in the morning for more appointments for Nya and I used what little self control I could muster and traded the Ipad for the computer and thus here I am!  And because there is so much to share, I don't even know where to start therefore I have now full on hit the rambling stage!  Well I have a good friend that always told me with scrap booking, just start with current.  So lets try that.

How about school.  Another year is here yet again.  And this year has been really tough for me.  I DO NOT want my kids back in school I want them home playing with me!  I want to go do some more fun activities. (Not that we did enough or anything totally awesome this summer but I just want them back!)

Of course the kids on the other hand could not be anymore excited to be back in school.  I think they are totally ready for a break from mom.  They are ready for more friend time even if it means school work is involved.  However these kids somehow are totally growing up without my permission.

So apparently this isn't too cool anymore...
Thus the reason for all the hiding?
However just before this they were totally okay with pictures as I talked my new neighborhood into the 1st day of school breakfast that our old neighborhood has now done for several years.

 You know doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, chocolate milk totally a healthy breakfast right? (Since then we've been much better, there has been oatmeal, and granola, and eggs - no pancakes yet that requires a little too much effort - but it is on the schedule for this week)

And can I tell you Elle pretty much seriously dislikes her brother.  Yeah they fight and he can be a pain in the butt And he can also be such a sweetie to her.  He is the one that tries to give a hug here and there or just tries to do something nice.  She on the other hand will full on go out of her way to be rude or do something just to upset him.  And touching him oh heck no!  You'd think she might die the way she acts if he comes around her.  Please let this be a phase.  I mean in a few years like probably way sooner than I want, he's going to have a lot of "older" boys he hangs out with then won't she be so grateful to have an older brother?  So needless to say getting a picture of the two of them together DOES not happen often!
And of course the "1st day of school" shot.  I decided to have the kids make their own sign and I put it on card stock so that I can throw it in with their folder for this year.  Kind of fun to see what they were into?  Especially Tanner.  Elle's was more of just a throw it together because mom is not going to let me go if I don't kind of thing. Oh well I won!
This boy loves his Mine Craft and I don't totally know where "butter" came from but it's all about anything yellow or gold.

And then they were off!
This is the first year my kids haven't been bused they love it!  Elle rides her bike everyday and Tanner would probably too, if it was working but instead he walks with another little neighbor boy.  It is so fun to have so many great kids at the age of my kids and that all can play and have such a great time.

So in two days my next little princess will be starting kindergarten.  Ugh! my heart really sinks a little at the thought.  (actually it sinks a lot at the thought of them all being gone... again this would be another post)

And I can't have all these pictures of the big kids and not share the little ones too!  This was last night at the park for Tanner's 11th (sigh yes 11th birthday - 1 more year until the Priesthood, 1 year less of him being at home, 1 year closer to dating, 1 year closer to a mission the list goes on and on and I have some big plans for this next year hope I can pull those off too!)

oops back to these cute little messes.  I mean who doesn't love chocolate cake and ice cream?  And it's even better sporting the boogy nose!

I'm so blessed with really great kids and family they keep me on my toes and happy and laughing and grateful for little every day blessings!