Thursday, October 25, 2012


Last night as we were making our donuts with the kids I had Nya spell her name for Bryan.  I've heard her spell it before and I didn't know if he had heard her do it or not.  So I asked her how to spell her name and first she just carefully said her name "Nyah - A".  We often call her "Ny Ny" so she usually refers to herself as "Ny Ny".  With her speech problems, she usually leaves the ending off words so we've been trying to work on the endings and that's why she really enunciates her name as "Nyah - A".

Okay tangent back to spelling her name.  After she said her name instead of spelling it I asked her tell daddy the letters in her name.  She always throws out "N" but has to think about the other letters for a minute. In fact she always thinks that words with an "N" in them are her name.   Oops again back on track...So she got to "N-Y" and finally got the "A".  Then she just went on repeating it.  "N-Y-A, N-Y-A".  At that point Bry and I had a quick conversation about what a blessing it was that we named her Nya for no other reason than it is easy for her to spell it.  In fact, I told him, I don't even remember what other names we had for her? (Again sad to not have all of these memories) However her name was pretty set for the last few months of my pregnancy but I just wasn't really telling anyone, so that might be why I don't remember any other names.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First snow fall 2012

It snowed and then stopped and then tried again and then stopped and now it is again!  Its really looking kind of white outside!  Winter really isn't my favorite season.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE a white Christmas and I don't know that I would enjoy living somewhere that I don't get all four seasons. But I'm just not sure I was totally ready for the snow today. Didn't matter it came anyway!!  I had been wanting to do something for the kids that we can do every 1st snowfall of the year.  So I randomly decided to do some donuts and hot chocolate.  Of course like everything I do we got a late start.  So I joked with kids that our dinner would be donuts.  Fortunately Dad was home tonight and helped out so kids were fed real food and then the sugar.

 I've been thinking about traditions a lot lately and I don't think that we have many as a family so I want to try and create more.  So hopefully this one sticks.  The kids were pretty excited about the idea too.
They were all crowded around as I was making the dough.  I love that they want to help!  Even when I am getting flour all over the place! - oh well it cleans right?
Nya enjoyed just as much as the big kids. She had been saying she wanted to go to bed (but I think that was her way of trying to get out of dinner- stinker she's getting too smart). As soon as the hot chocolate was brought out she was right there ready for the goods!  And I'm telling you what this girl is spoiled.  The big kids never got away with no dinner and still getting the treats later...oh what are we in for?
Elle was having fun with the faces.  We often play with our food.  They didn't turn out great but she wanted the happy and sad face pictures.  I love how she's using her eyes with the happy and sad faces.
And then my Tanner! He made a "donut straw".  He was so proud of his new creation and needed a pic of it!

Well I don't have one of the baby tonight but she was also enjoying the donuts.  She was eating them up as I was making them all thus why I don't have any of her enjoying them- I was a little covered in dough!

Well heres hoping to creating more traditions! Oh and the best part about tonight was that Bry was actually in on it all.  I totally got kudos for working on a new tradition!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Let it Begin!

Okay I've been really contemplating whether or not I start up this whole blog thing again.  Well as you can tell you can see what the winning vote was.  I'm posting right?  Okay so I really pretty much knew I was going to start this up again.  It's been a nagging thought for about a month that I needed to really get back on this.  For sooo many reasons but really probably one of the largest is of course my (ok my in this case means "my little family") journey with Nya and where she is right now with everything in her world where she's been and where she's going.  Because I'll be the first to tell you this girl is going!  With all the spit fire she has she's way too determined not to.

In addition to having the feelings that I needed to get going again, I ran across two blogs in a matter of a couple of days and it hit me that yep I have to get going on this now.  I'll share those blogs with you later but really they are totally awesome blogs that really make you think and then come back the next day to see what you get to think about again.

Okay well before I leave I'll leave with a fairly recent pic of all the kids.  And yes this is normal in our life

See none of the kids really looking at the camera.  All needing haircuts.  The baby is getting hugged a little too tightly.  Oh keep track of that Nya girl's hair...
 Oh look if we kind of smile mom will you please be done with the camera?
I've given up hope they are totally more interested in the parade (we were at the homecoming parade this day).  Oh but do you see Nya's cute pink brace?  Yep try getting shoes to fit over that and get one to fit the right foot.  Yep you just give in and buy two separate shoes...its a story all on its own for later!
Ok for a quick note on the hair- You will see more crazy hair outfits etc. Nya has only recently let me put any kind of pretty in her hair normally it's just down and in her face unless you get a special day like this where she decides that she is going to do her hair by herself but hey the necklace matches.  But really consider yourselves (if there are any readers out there) to be warned about hair and clothing.  One thing I'm pretty lax about is the hair and clothes unless we are doing a photo shoot or going somewhere that it matters more.  So yep my kids are often very "stylish" in their own way.  Maybe it will be cool someday? But in the mean time I'm all about keeping this real on what my world is really like!

So there are no promises on where I'm trying to go with this new little project- that's what I'm calling it for now. So I don't know how regular I'll be posting but it will be more than every few years.  Also I'm sure I will totally be jumping around as I have missed the last several years of our lives.  See doesn't it sound so sad when it's put that way.  I hope I have great memories stored somewhere and the pictures to prove it!