Friday, May 22, 2009

I did it!!

Wow that title is way more positive than what I'm really feeling. Everyone says it is sooo easy to blog and to add pictures but apparently that will prove to be struggle for me! However my title now at least shows some proof that there is a family behind this blog. So now the next project will be to add pictures to a post. But not tonight I'll be too frustrated and right now I'm just too tired.


  1. Nice to see you here though! I'm going to add you to my blogroll...cute kids!

  2. I love the header picture.. Now let me MAKE a real header for you! I love your blog title btw!? :)

    Uploading pictures is easy and you can use flickr, photobucket or the regular blogger way...

    I was thinking... for the reunion do you think it would be a good submission to the auction for a blog makeover or one on one blogger tutoring etc..?
    My friend here is behind the amazing Leeloublogs and I know she would help me with some artwork if that's the kind of thing someone would like? I could submit like 3 of these at a starting bid of $45 each?? Think there are enough family blogger out there who would like that??

  3. Wahooo, you've joined the blogging world. Now we can stalk you too. Keep up the posts so we know what is going on in your life. Miss you.

  4. Hi Noni! Thank you for the nice comment. Good for you for starting a blog. I wish you all the best.