Saturday, December 15, 2012

Slight set back

Ok so I have so many things on my list and mind that I wan to blog about but tonight is not the time.  For right now I'm just posting a quick snip-it.

You know the last post I wrote about here and went on about loving casting???  Well ever since that darn last cast has come off it has been a struggle.  I feel like Nya has been great with keeping the flexibility meaning she still is able to keep her heel on the ground really well.  And usually by the time our next Botox is scheduled she is really on her tippy toes and you can tell boy oh boy its time to get her in.  (oh by the way, botox is next Tuesday so yep like 3 days and we are actually canceling the appointment.  It's just not right at this time to do more injections...but we will again I'm sure of it)

So the problem this time isn't that she's on her toes so much the problem is how she is using her whole left leg.  It is just weird, odd, messed up, incorrect, and what ever other descriptions you want to throw in there.  I don't think I can even describe it but here's trying... So she turns her left foot out (completely opposite from pigeon toed) and then she slightly turns her leg out too from her hip.  Then it's almost like she tries to walk with her leg straight rather than bending her knee.  She also looks like she is doing some back kneeing where it appears she is nearly hyper-extending her knee.

As if this funky walk isn't enough.  It actually comes and goes.  Seriously what's up with that?  And why does it go so I can make it go more often.  There really doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason.  If I remind her to walk with her toes forward it helps some.  (So if you are ever around and hear me say that you'll know why.)  Also it seems that if she runs it is better as well if we march.  So again if you see us and we (yes that means Nya and me usually) are marching it is my way of helping her to keep her little leg in line.

Oh and her night-time brace started giving her fits.  Really it just left a little mark on her foot that still (2-3 weeks later) has not gone away even though she hasn't worn her brace since it showed up?

Can I tell you all the information that I learn about this little girl just makes me more and more amazed at life and abilities in general.  It is truly a miracle to have healthy little children.  The body is amazing and can do so much and how it all works together is just mind blowing!

Okay one final note -totally NOT a set back here.  This girl can talk. It is so fun to hear all of the funny little comments that have been coming out of her mouth lately.  Now there are still times that it is hard to understand what she is saying more because she throws so darn many words together so fast.  I often have my Elle translator on hand.  I don't know how but really my little Elle can totally translate pretty much everything Nya says on the first go!  Way to go Elle.

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