Saturday, October 17, 2015

Try this thing again!

Well here goes another shot at trying to get some posts up on this blog.  Life is crazy and I don't make the time to really do any kind of journaling. Soo the goal for now is to take more pics even if they are just with the phone and get some documentation posted!  
1st I have to tell a super funny of this precious Nya girl. Today she was running around with me while the rest of the family was busy selling potatoes.  And she still struggles with her speech.  So she was saying "ask" but is comes out more like axe. She's mixing up the order of the s and the k. So I was trying to work with her on it and I finally said "it's kind of like a bad word you say "ass-kk". Well before I even finished she says oh like Tanner's middle name?  Huh what that one took me off guard until I realized that man yes too often I think we associate Tanner and ass. So yes it was totally the funniest thing at the time.  But it sure has had me thinking for a while of how horrible it is that we use it enough that Nya has picked up on it in that way!!.  I have plenty of areas to improve and here is yet another one that really needs to be fixed.  I always worry about how much I'm messing up my kids. And I don't want to look back and regret so when I find these albeit funny moments I've got to take time to reflect and figure out how to improve!!! 

On to another note this little one that has never existed on here yet even though she is nearly 9 months is turning into such a little cutie and man I can't believe the personality she already has!

This was me trying to get a pic of her cute little tooth. Its on the bottom but man she won't show it for anything!

So here goes my next time to make this happen!!

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