Thursday, October 25, 2012


Last night as we were making our donuts with the kids I had Nya spell her name for Bryan.  I've heard her spell it before and I didn't know if he had heard her do it or not.  So I asked her how to spell her name and first she just carefully said her name "Nyah - A".  We often call her "Ny Ny" so she usually refers to herself as "Ny Ny".  With her speech problems, she usually leaves the ending off words so we've been trying to work on the endings and that's why she really enunciates her name as "Nyah - A".

Okay tangent back to spelling her name.  After she said her name instead of spelling it I asked her tell daddy the letters in her name.  She always throws out "N" but has to think about the other letters for a minute. In fact she always thinks that words with an "N" in them are her name.   Oops again back on track...So she got to "N-Y" and finally got the "A".  Then she just went on repeating it.  "N-Y-A, N-Y-A".  At that point Bry and I had a quick conversation about what a blessing it was that we named her Nya for no other reason than it is easy for her to spell it.  In fact, I told him, I don't even remember what other names we had for her? (Again sad to not have all of these memories) However her name was pretty set for the last few months of my pregnancy but I just wasn't really telling anyone, so that might be why I don't remember any other names.

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