Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First snow fall 2012

It snowed and then stopped and then tried again and then stopped and now it is again!  Its really looking kind of white outside!  Winter really isn't my favorite season.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE a white Christmas and I don't know that I would enjoy living somewhere that I don't get all four seasons. But I'm just not sure I was totally ready for the snow today. Didn't matter it came anyway!!  I had been wanting to do something for the kids that we can do every 1st snowfall of the year.  So I randomly decided to do some donuts and hot chocolate.  Of course like everything I do we got a late start.  So I joked with kids that our dinner would be donuts.  Fortunately Dad was home tonight and helped out so kids were fed real food and then the sugar.

 I've been thinking about traditions a lot lately and I don't think that we have many as a family so I want to try and create more.  So hopefully this one sticks.  The kids were pretty excited about the idea too.
They were all crowded around as I was making the dough.  I love that they want to help!  Even when I am getting flour all over the place! - oh well it cleans right?
Nya enjoyed just as much as the big kids. She had been saying she wanted to go to bed (but I think that was her way of trying to get out of dinner- stinker she's getting too smart). As soon as the hot chocolate was brought out she was right there ready for the goods!  And I'm telling you what this girl is spoiled.  The big kids never got away with no dinner and still getting the treats later...oh what are we in for?
Elle was having fun with the faces.  We often play with our food.  They didn't turn out great but she wanted the happy and sad face pictures.  I love how she's using her eyes with the happy and sad faces.
And then my Tanner! He made a "donut straw".  He was so proud of his new creation and needed a pic of it!

Well I don't have one of the baby tonight but she was also enjoying the donuts.  She was eating them up as I was making them all thus why I don't have any of her enjoying them- I was a little covered in dough!

Well heres hoping to creating more traditions! Oh and the best part about tonight was that Bry was actually in on it all.  I totally got kudos for working on a new tradition!

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